Johnny Thunders
Countdown Love
(Demos & Unreleased Live)

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This is a nice bootleg grab-bag of JT material from the mid to late 1980s. Sound quality throughout is not great - muddy on the demos and distorted on the live stuff. Some, if not all, of the live material is from an audience recording and you can hear people talking through the songs. The first 11 tracks list where they came from but the last 8 tracks have no info at all. There are no liner notes or photographs in the CD booklet. Overall, not bad for a boot and some of the live stuff rocks.

Track Listing

  1. Blame It On Mom
  2. Craw Fish
  3. Copy Cat
  4. Love Knot
  5. Countdown Love
  6. Chinese Rock
  7. Born To Lose
  8. Comon Everybody
  9. Steppin' Stone
  10. Intro
  11. Pipeline
  12. Blame It On Mom
  13. Countdown Love
  14. Little Bit A Hole
  15. Endless Party
  16. Cosa Nostra
  17. Green Onion
  18. Sad Vacation
  19. Cool Operator


Johnny Thunders - Countdown Love
Format Country Year Label Comments
CD U.S.? 1999 Weeping Goat WG-034 bootleg

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