New York Dolls
Actress: Birth Of The New York Dolls

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This is the same recording as Dawn Of The Dolls.

Review by Ian Corbridge

This is the classic session recorded at Rusty Beany's Bicycle Shop, way back in 1971. As the title of the CD suggests, as well as the liner notes extracted from Arthur Kane's book called I'Doll, this does indeed document the birth of the Dolls and many classic songs from the next few years are represented here, albeit in slightly different forms. It certainly doesn't take a genius to work out where Subway Train and Sad Vacation came from when you listen to this session.

I've had a tape of this session for many years but it only had the first seven songs that are on this CD. So it was great to find a more complete session on CD with the sound cleaned up somewhat as well, which is a great bonus. It's not what you might call FM stereo but the raw, bluesy feel sets the mood just right.

This is a fine document that sets the agenda for the next decade or so. For me this confirms that it was Thunders that drove the Dolls forward musically in the early seventies. Whilst David Johansen (who was not around at this time) had a truly great rock'n'roll voice and was also a great front man, it was Thunders who came forward with many of the great ideas that were to influence numerous artists over the coming years.

This CD is a must-have for any serious collector of rock'n'roll.

Ian Corbridge - Dec. 2000

Track Listing

  1. That's Poison
  2. I Am Confronted
  3. It's Too Late
  4. Oh, Dot
  5. I'm A Boy, I'm A Girl
  6. Coconut Grove
  7. Take Me To Your Party
  8. Oh, Dot
  9. It's Too Late
  10. We've Been Through This Before
  11. Why Am I Alone


New York Dolls - Actress: Birth Of The New York Dolls
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LP Italy 2000 Get Back - Get 60 gatefold sleeve
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