Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan
Countdown Love / Countdown Love

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This single has 2 versions of the Heartbreakers standard 'Countdown Love'. The first side features Johnny Thunders and the Que Sera Sera 'Black Cats' band. It was recorded in 1985 at London England's Tin Pan Alley Studios. Sound is crisp and clear with the vocals and guitar taking prominence rather than the bass and drums. Background vocals by Stiv Bators and Michael Monroe are, unfortunately, not too exciting. They just add a couple of oowwws and aahhhss.

Side B features Jerry Nolan with the Teneriffa Cowboys again performing 'Countdown Love'. It was recorded in Stockholm Sweden in 1983 at Decibel studios. This is a more interesting version of the tune with slightly different lyrics and Jerry singing the chorus at a different pace.

Side A: Countdown Love - Johnny Thunders side

Side B: Countdown Love - Jerry Nolan side

Johnny Thunders & Jerry Nolan - Countdown Love / Countdown Love
Format Country Year Label Comments
7 inch France 1997 SuckSex Sex13 picture sleeve

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