Johnny Thunders
Diary Of A Gypsy Lover

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The back of this CD contains a disclaimer that hints at what's inside. It says "this should not be your introduction to the work of Johnny Thunders" and I would have to agree. Buy this CD only when you have purchased everything else and you still want to hear more. It's a grab bag of studio out-takes and live material that covers a period from 1982 - 1991. There is some good stuff to be found here and I like the live show recorded in Boston at The Rat. It's 68 minutes long and comes with a booklet of blurry photos.

The material on this CD comes from 4 sources:

  1. Tracks 1-6: Alternate takes from the 'In Cold Blood' studio sessions. These are stripped down and slightly altered versions of already basic tunes. There are some small difference such as added hand clapping and a muddy mix. The sound quality is OK.
  2. Tracks 7-9: Studio tracks that were originally released as a Japanese 7inch single called 'Critics Choice' (with the Chesterfield Kings). Program your CD player so it always skips these tracks, they sound terrible! The background vocals on these tunes make me wish I was deaf.
  3. Tracks 10-15: Live at The Rat, Boston, 1983. The sound quality is not great but the band is tight and rockin'. I'm not sure who is playing with Johnny here but they know the tunes and squeeze out the sparks. They run through some Heartbreakers faves including 'Born Too Loose' and 'Chinese Rocks'.
  4. Tracks 16-23: From an unreleased radio show done in 1991. This is the same sort of Oddballs material that can be found on the 'Add Water And Stir' and 'Saddest Vacation' CDs. These versions are a bit more upbeat and I think sound better than the normal studio releases. For example, 'Help The Homeless' done here with a faster tempo is much more listenable. The only drawback is that the sound is poor and Johnnys voice is rougher than usual. You can hear him cough a bit several times on the recording.

Track Listing:

  1. Green Onions
  2. Look In My Eyes
  3. Just Another Girl
  4. In Cold Blood
  5. Diary Of A Lover
  6. Endless Party
  7. Critics Choice
  8. Much Rather Be With The Boys
  9. London Boys
  10. I Wanna Be Loved
  11. Great Big Kiss
  12. Jet Boy
  13. Born Too Loose
  14. Boots Are Made For Walking
  15. Chinese Rocks
  16. Disappointed In You
  17. Help The Homeless
  18. Critics Choice
  19. Society
  20. Johnny 9 Lives
  21. Children Are People Too
  22. Not What You Say
  23. In Gods Name


Diary Of A Lover (tracks 1- 6)

Critics Choice (tracks 7-9)

Live at The Rat (tracks 10-15)

Radio session (tracks 16-23)

Johnny Thunders - Diary Of A Gypsy Lover
Format Country Year Label Comments
CD EEC 1996 Sonic Records SRCD00030  

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