This list contains all the CDs and records that Johnny Thunders appears on. It's organized by band and alphabetic order. I also have another list of music that is related to Johnny. It contains such things as tributes and Thunders songs performed by other artists.

I've tried to make this list as complete as possible but if you know of anything that's not here please let me know.

I'm still looking for a couple of discs to complete this discography. If you've got stuff to sell or trade please take a look at the list of stuff I need.

Arma de Fuego puts out a great Johnny Thunders discography in booklet form and it's the best, most complete list available. The current edition (issue 32) has a limited run of 100 copies and has several pages of pictures. You can get a copy by sending $5.00 U.S. cash (includes shipping) to:

Box 260
33101 Tampere

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