New York Dolls
The Glam Rock Hits

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This recent compilation features a nice assortment of previously released material. Tracks 1-4 are from demos #2. Tracks 5-12 are from demos#3. Tracks 13-14 are from Red Patent Leather. Sound is good and there are good liner notes by Dave Thompson. Unfortunately there's no new material and no new photos. It does come on a gold disc if you're into collecting that sort of thing.

Track Listing

  1. Personality Crisis
  2. Looking For A Kiss
  3. Bad Girl
  4. Subway Train
  5. Who Are The Mystery Girls
  6. Frankenstein
  7. Jet Boy
  8. Bad Detective
  9. Lonely Planet Boy
  10. Private World
  11. Trash
  12. Vietnamese Baby
  13. Something Else
  14. Pills


New York Dolls - The Glam Rock Hits
Format Country Year Label Comments
CD U.S. 1999 Cleopatra CLP 0465-2  

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