Johnny Thunders
Internal Possession

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On this CD we can hear Thunders in-between periods. It's a mix-up combination of Heartbreakers, In Cold Blood and Hurt Me material. The backup band, The Daughters, is tight and went on to record the studio demos of this live material with Thunders. Johnny is in good form putting in a solid performance live and in the studio. However the sound quality is not great. Lots of feedback at the live shows and distortion mixed with mud for the studio stuff. The booklet has a couple of good photos and the playing time is a full 65 minutes.
There is one unusual track on this CD which has never been heard before. It's a short track called 'Are You Living' that was recorded on a portable stereo under rocky conditions.
Overall a good CD.

The material on this CD comes from 4 sources, all recorded in early 1982:

  1. Tracks 1-9: Club 688, Atlanta. High energy.
  2. Tracks 10-16: Jumbos, Boston. Good live show and good mix of tunes.
  3. Tracks 17-23: Revere Sound Studio, Boston. Acoustic material from 'Hurt Me' with poor sound.
  4. Track 24: J+T Tyre Shop, Boston (Feb. 1982). Unusual acoustic song.

Track Listing:

  1. In Cold Blood
  2. Alone In A Crowd
  3. Can't Keep My Eyes On You
  4. Ten Commandments
  5. Sad Vacation
  6. I Love You
  7. Girls Girls (Just Another) Girl
  8. London Boys
  9. Don't Mess With Cupid
  10. Much Rather Be With The Boys
  11. I Like To Play Games
  12. Dead Or Alive
  13. Chinese Rocks
  14. Do You Love Me
  15. Born Too Loose
  16. These Boots Were Made For Walking
  17. Memory
  18. She's So Untouchable
  19. Ask Me No Questions
  20. Hurt Me
  21. Sad Vacation/It's Not Enough
  22. Some Hearts
  23. Subway Train/I'm A Boy, I'm A Girl
  24. Are You Living?


Johnny Thunders & The Daughters (tracks 1-16)

Johnny Thunders solo (tracks 17-24)

Johnny Thunders Internal Possession
Year: 1996
Country: EEC
Distributer: Sonic Records SRCD0020
Notes: compilation

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