Various Artists
I Only Play RnR For Kids To Dance

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This French tribute to Johnny Thunders features mostly European bands. Sound is great and generally the songs have a much harder, punker, edge. There's a cool version of 'Chinese Rocks' sung in French here that really works for me. And the 'Little Bit o' Whore' by Bebe Buell, with Coyote Shivers on guitar, is ironic and good. The CD booklet is excellent and shows original artwork and photos.

Track Listing:

  1. Cosa Nostra Band - Cosa Nostra
  2. Little Bob - Downtown
  3. Elli M. & Jacno - It's Not Enough
  4. Axel Bauer - So Alone
  5. The Weird Sins - She's So Untouchable
  6. Blankass - Sad Vacation
  7. Dominic Sonic - You Can't Put Your Arms 'round A Memory
  8. The Kingsnakes - Born To Lose
  9. Bebe Buell - Little Bit o' Whore
  10. Posada - Chatterbox
  11. The Pogo - Baby Talk
  12. L.S.D. - La Fille De New York (Chinese Rocks)
  13. Dogs - I Wanna Be Loved
  14. Chris Wilson - Crime Of The Century
  15. Steve Dior & Sylvain Sylvain - Overloaded
  16. The Jet Boys - Pirate Love
  17. Barry Jones - Goodbye Johnny
  18. Jeff Dahl - Chinese Rocks
  19. Ze Watchmain - Personality Crisis
  20. F.F.F. - Cool Operator

Also released on vinyl (2 LPs) with different cover.

Various Artists I Only Play RnR For Kids To Dance
Year: 1993
Country: France
Label: Skydog 62253-2
Format: CD

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