Johnny Thunders
Live Crisis

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Overall this is a good CD. The sound quality is very good for a boot but I would guess that it was transferred from a vinyl record. The material comes from at least two sources:

  1. What appears to be radio show and covers the Que Sera Sera period. Sound is well recorded and there is some intertrack talking by JT. The band, which I guess includes Keith Yon and Tony St. Helene, is tight and JT gives a very good performance. The mixture of songs includes a couple of my favorites such as MIA and Cool Operator. These are the first 6 tracks on the CD.
  2. A live show, likely in Europe with the Oddballs, that includes a mixture of material which comes from Hurt Me and the regular staple of covers such as Steppin' Stone and Wipe Out. Sound quality is good, likely off the soundboard, and I like the mixture of tunes. JT gives a good performance and the band sounds fine. I think Alison Gordy is on backing vocals and it sounds like Jamie Heath on sax. Tracks 7-14 on the CD.

Track listing:

  1. Waste My Time
  2. M.I.A.
  3. Cool Operator
  4. Personality Crisis
  5. Countdown Love
  6. Little Bit Of Whore
  7. In Cold Blood/Steppin' Stone/Hit The Road Jack
  8. Pipeline
  9. Sad Vacation
  10. Disappointed In You
  11. Just Another Girl
  12. Too Much Junkie Business
  13. Wipe Out
  14. Born To Lose


Johnny Thunders Live Crisis
Year: 1996
Country: German?
Distributer: Mogul Nightmare Records - MNR003
Notes: Live in Europe 1985/1986.

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