Johnny Thunders
Lucky Strikes Back

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Like most bootlegs, the sound quality on this disk is bad. But the performance by the band is quite good and tight.

Disk 1:

Side A

  1. Pipeline
  2. Alone In A Crowd
  3. Personality Crisis
  4. I Can't Tell
  5. Little Bit Of Whore

Side B

  1. Back To Go
  2. Too Much Junky Business
  3. Pills
  4. Joey Joey
  5. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
  6. I Ain't Talking 'Bout You

Disk 2:

Side A

  1. Sad Vacation
  2. In The Midnight Hour
  3. Ain't It No Suspicious
  4. Endless Party
  5. Chinese Rocks
  6. Born To Lose

Side B

  1. Something Else
  2. Little Queenie
  3. Gloria
  4. I Feel Alright


Johnny Thunders Lucky Strikes Back
Year: 1986
Country: U.S.
Label: JT-6781/2
Format: double LP bootleg

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