New York Dolls - Just Boy

This is a thin clear plastic flexi disc, about 7 inches square, that has the New York Dolls name on it. It contains only one song called 'Just Boy'. There appears to be Russian writing on the label so I'm guessing that the country of origin is Russia. The sound quality is very poor and it does not sound like any Dolls tune I have ever heard so I very much doubt it is the Dolls. If anyone knows more about this disc please let me know.

cover for the single

Above: Sleeve for the flexi disc.

label of the flexi disc

Above: Printed label on the flexi disc.

Thomas E. sent me a bit of a clarification on this disc:

I did import the flexi from a guy in Poland who claims it is pressed in Russia. That might be a smoke screen, I sometimes suspect he presses them himself. Most likely it's pressed in a Polski or Russki garage. I must add, because of the horrible sound quality, there's doubts it's the Dolls playing!

The flexi is available on various vinyl colors, they are all square and the sides are 5.75". The record label is called "Budkon", record number 3310. The song title is misnamed "Just Boy". On the front of the sleeve (well it's more like an insert) it's a drawing of a bathing baby boy (shown above) with a large safety pin, weird!

And then about the Russian writing on the back of the insert and on the flexi itself... I'll translate it the best I can, but I can't recognize all words. Back to the insert's text again. Everything is written in Russian except where I note otherwise. From top down it says "D60", I think it means that the price is 60 kopek, but I'm not sure. Then it says "3310" the record number! Then it's "BUDKON", the record company name. And at the bottom "gibkaja plastinka" which means "???? record", sorry I only got it half right. The flexi itself has the following text at the top "Assotsiatsija klubov filofonistov" which probably means something like "Association of Recordlovers Clubs"! Then it says "BUDKON" again. And to the left of the center hole: "D60" and "3310", and to the right "45" and "MOHO" - mono, of course. Below it's good old Latin writing "NEW YORK DOLLS" and "JUST BOY". And at the bottom "Zapis po transljatsij" - ???? on ????, sorry I only understood 1 word of 3, a wild guess is that it might mean "example on translation" or "lesson in translation"?

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