Various Artists
Sons Of The Dolls

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All the bands on this LP have at least one member from the New York Dolls. Unfortunately, Johnny Thunders and David Johansen don't appear on any tracks. It's interesting material that shows some of the various influences that went into the Dolls. Most of what's here has been released on various singles but it's handy to have it collected into this one LP. As far as I know, this is the only place the Killer Kane material can be found.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. The Idols - Girl That I Love
  2. The Idols - You
  3. Criminals - The Kids Are Back
  4. Criminals - The Cops Are Coming

Side B

  1. Killer Kane Band - Mr. Cool
  2. Killer Kane Band - Longhaired Woman
  3. Killer Kane Band - Don't Need You
  4. Corpse Grinders - Rites 4 Whites
  5. Corpse Grinders - Mental Moron


The Idols - from this single

Criminals - from this single

Killer Kane Band

Corpse Grinders - same songs on this LP

Various Artists Sons Of The Dolls
Year: 1982
Country: France
Label: Fan Club 002
Format: LP

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