Johnny Thunders
Studio Bootlegs

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This compilation is a legitimate release of several bootleg recordings, along the same lines as Bootlegging The Bootleggers. It's meant to stem the flood of bootleg recordings and give Johnnys estate some control over the stuff that is released. Liner notes are by JT biographer Nina Antonia and are perhaps a bit overly sympathetic. Buy this CD instead of the boots, of course, but get the other legit recordings and skip this one entirely.

  1. The first seven tracks come from the Oddballs period which was Thunders final play list. You can find all of this stuff, better recorded and packaged, on the Add Water And Stir CDs. JT sounds very good as does the band and sound quality is also very good.
  2. The next 3 tracks come from the same radio show material that is found on Live Crisis. It's a good show and I wonder why they only included 3 of the songs from that boot? Tracks 8 - 10 on the CD.
  3. The last 4 tracks are taken from a Heartbreakers boot and they sound poor with quite a bit of distortion. If you're looking for live Heartbreakers you may as well get D.T.K. or one of the many legit live recordings. Tracks 11- 14 on the CD.

Track listing:

  1. Help The Homeless
  2. Disappointed In You
  3. Children Are People Too
  4. Glory Glory
  5. Familiarity Breeds Contempt
  6. Some Hearts
  7. I Tell The Truth Even When I'm Lying
  8. M.I.A.
  9. Cool Operator
  10. Little Bit Of Whore
  11. London Boys
  12. Subway Train
  13. Chatterbox
  14. I'd Rather Be With The Boys
Johnny Thunders The Studio Bootlegs
Year: 1996
Country: U.K.
Distributer: Dojo Limited - DOJO CD 231
Notes: Compilation - Legit release of several boot recordings.

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