Johnny Thunders
Too Much Junkie Business (New)

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Here we have a grab bag of studio and live material performed with a mixture of musicians. All of it is recorded so it sounds live and it has a high energy content. It was originally available only on cassette but can now be found on CD. Most of the tracks are introduced by Johnny himself and the sessions were produced by Jimmy Miller & Johnny. Good liner notes by Robert Palmer.

Track Listing:

  1. Who Do Voodoo
  2. In Cold Blood
  3. Just Another Girl
  4. Sad Vacation
  5. Diary Of A Lover
  6. Get Off The Phone
  7. Who Needs Girls
  8. Too Much Junkie Business
  9. King Of The Gypsies
  10. So Alone
  11. I Love You
  12. Great Big Kiss
  13. Let Go
  14. Jet Boy


Also released as:

Note: Tracks 2 & 3 may the same as those found on the 'In Cold Blood' disks

Johnny Thunders Too Much Junkie Business (New)
Year: 1982
Country: U.S.
Label: ROIR A118
Format: cassette

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