The First Time I Heard Johnny...

In 1997 I read the book Please Kill Me and I learned quite alot to say the least. I was a complete stranger to Johnny and the New York Dolls but somehow reading about Johnny, it all made sense to me. It seemed he made a living by being a rock n roll outlaw and that fascinated me enough to buy the first New York Dolls record. I'm a guitar player myself, so when i heard what was coming outta my speakers, I flipped out. I still recall getting goosebumps to Frankenstein and Subway Train and my life was never to be the same.

I quite literally have become obsessed with Johnny and his music for the last 3 years, buying bootleg CD's and video's and as always, checking out the cyber lounge. I have been to New York to see his and Jerry's grave and just recently got a Thunders tattoo that i wear proudly.


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