The First Time I Heard Johnny...

The first time ever heard of Johnny was back in 1980 when a new friend (a huge fan of The Dolls and David Jo), played me a bunch of records. I went out and bought the dolls albums and when I found out the guitarist was Johnny, started picking up his albums too (So Alone being the first).

I got to see Johnny twice in NYC in the 80's. The first time was around 86. It was at Irving Plaza w/ The Black Cats, Sylvain, and Mike Monroe. (I was standing in the second row for that one) The Second at The Ritz in 88 with Jerry and Aurther and Barry Jones. (same tour as the Sunset Strip video. I was about 10 rows back) Both shows were exellent. I especially remember Johnny being quite lively the first time. Running around alot, putting on peoples hats from the audience, smoking lots of joints... Great show (both were)


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