The First Time I Heard Johnny...

I was hanging in nyc after returning from england in the summer of '72. somebody had told my friend and I about a band called the new york dolls that had a bit of the stones in them. we went to see them at the mercer arts center. we walked in and the crowd looked amazing. a girl with a clear tube top with a gold fish in it. todd rundgren dressed all in pink, down to gloves and dyed hair. we thought, if the crowd look likes this what does the band look like? the planets opened, were awful, and were kicked off the stage by the dolls.

It was their first gig back in the states after their drummer had died in england. johnny was amazing. dressed in blue, platforms, hair everywhere. what a sound. they started with "livin in the usa" (c berry). the whole show was unforgettable. the best rock n' roll show I have ever seen!

I saw Johnny many times after, but the first time was the best.


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