Photographs of Johnny Thunders
from Michael Thimren

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Michael played with Johnny for 5 years, on and off, between 83-88. He appears on the following JT albums:

Michael also put out a single 'For A Few Dollars More' that Johnny played on. Here's what Michael said about the recording of these albums:

Live Crisis

If there are two guitars it's me. Cause "Waste my time" started as riff I came up with during Italy tour 84 with the black guys. People was screaming for an encore, Johnny wanted to finish his drink or something and shouted at me to go on stage and just play something until he came along. From then on we used it. Johnny had new lines every night, except for the chorus. It was later on the Que Que sera album as "Blame It On Mom" . He never give me credit for the music but God bless the bastard anyway.

Paris 84

It's me on the solo on the track "So Alone". He used that song for a break in the set and leave the stage for a joint or other refreshments. I had that long solo and enjoyed it but sometimes when I been standing there for 10 minutes I started feeling like "What a hell is he doing? What the fuck is going on?". Five more minutes and people looked at each other, and me bending strings and thinking I was in Grateful Dead. But then he turned up.

Pipeline 82

Underground. Stockholm. Actually the place I meet Johnny and Jerry for the first time. My band Teneriffa Cowboys was support act instead of Hanoi Rocks (who were stuck in Finland). He was in very, very bad condition and could hardly play. Luigi Scorcia played bass.

Other Recordings

I think its me on Scheneckentaeze album (terrible name), and it's Sylvain on piano on "Countdown Love" single with Teneriffa Cowboys on B-side. Sylvain also added piano on Teneriffas first single "Take a chance on me/ Pretty baby (yes, the Heart breakers song). I don't think "Countdown Love" was a Heartbreakers song cause Nolan wrote it in Sweden, when he played with us in Teneriffa Cowboys.

I still can hear his voice.......GIMME SOME MORE REVERB!

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