And God Created Punk

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As a document of the early English punk scene this book is a gem. Mark P., founder of the punk zine 'Sniffin' Glue, was there at the outset and writes about what went on. Erica Echenberg was there too and took pictures of the bands and people that contributed to this part of RnR history. There is a good balance between the images and the words and the writing never gets too dull and academic. Each of the major acts is noted with a couple of photos, all in black & white, and a short review. The Heartbreakers, though not an English band, are acknowledged for their part of the famous Anarchy tour and their legendary drug abuses while there. One of the excellent photographs in this book taken of Johnny and the boys by Erica has also appeared on the cover of the single Chinese Rocks.

Title: And God Created Punk
Author: Erica Echenberg and Mark P
Publisher: Virgin Books
Pages: 143 Year:1996

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