Blank Generation Revisited
The Early Days Of Punk Rock

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This book of photographs shows what the early days of New York punk looked and felt like. The Six young photographers featured here document the bands that made up this scene. There are a few English musicians, such as the Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello and and The Damned, but the majority of the pictures are of U.S. groups. Most of the images are gritty and unpolished, taken in the street or on stage using available lighting and they're all in black & white. Each picture is accompanied by a short description written by the photographer which helps to place it in context. Lenny Kaye writes a good "I was there" introduction to the book and the eerie cover photo by Godlis shows a very young Patti Smith standing outside of CBGBs.

Johnny is photographed as part of the Dolls and Heartbreakers. Here is a photo by Bob Gruen showing the early Heartbreakers lineup.

Title: Blank Generation Revisited
Photographers: Roberta Bayley, Stephanie Chernikowski, George Du Bose, Godlis, Bob Gruen and Ebet Roberts
Publisher: Schermir Books
Pages: about 280 Year:1997

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