Too Much Too Soon,
The Makeup & Breakup of
The New York Dolls
by Nina Antonia

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Drugs, Drugs and More Drugs.

Sex, Sex and More Sex.

Liquor, Liquor and More Liquor.

Death, Death and More Death.

And Rock 'n' Roll.

Too Much Too Soon is the definitive story of The New York Dolls, the most outrageous glam rock band of them all. No one could hold a candle to the Dolls, so they set themselves alight.

Considered by the conservative fathers of the music industry to be too much of a threat to the youth of America, The Dolls - with their trans-gender posturing, loose lifestyle, big mouths and incendiary rock Œn¹ roll - found themselves ostracized by the record business after recording just two albums. Pitted against Aerosmith, The New York Dolls became sacrificial lambs of the dirty altar of commerce.

In the end, pop svengali Malcom McLaren distilled the last of the Dolls¹ life blood as if it were an illicit substance... and created the Sex Pistols. From Punk to grunge, practically every new sensation in the contemporary rock scene is a delayed reaction to The New York Dolls.

Like a revolver concealed in lingerie, Too Much Too Soon shoots from the hip in a sleazing, teasing and grievous tale of how the Dolls flew in the face of everything towards an ignominious annihilation. Researched through interviews with all the surviving band members, managers, roadies, groupies and hangers-on, it is the ultimate tale of rock 'n' roll debauchery.

Illustrated and including a comprehensive discography.

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