Dream Baby Dream
Images From The Blank Generation

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The photographs in this book document the New York Punk scene during the mid 1970s. The images are captured during the night in clubs and out in the street and are obliviously unposed and unrehearsed. They are all printed in high contrast black & white with the edges of the frame showing. Stephanie has a keen eye for portraits and most of the major players are captured. Notables include Joey Ramone, Patti Smith, John Cale, James Chance and Johnny Rotten. Several of these same photographs can be found in the book 'Blank Generation Revisited'.

Introducing the book and setting the stage for the images is a short piece by Richard Hell taken from his novel 'Go Now'.

Johnny Thunders is shown in only one photograph.

Title: Dream Baby Dream
Photographer: Stephanie Chernikowski
Publisher: 2.13.61 Publications
Pages: about 106 Year:1996

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