In Cold Blood

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This first edition of Johnny Thunders biography was published in 1987 (4 years before his death) and is now quite rare. Nina Antonia did a great job of documenting the man and myth that was Johnny Thunders. There are plenty of photographs (all black and white) including the great cover shot of Johnny outlaw by Marcia Resnick. Nina's straight ahead writing style make this an easy read. It does make our man sound like a sorry cliched rock star burn out with his life in constant turmoil. But, maybe that's the way it really was.

I like the size of this book (8 1/2 X 11 inches) which gives plenty of room to show off the pictures and makes it easier to read.

The second edition of In Cold Blood is now released and covers all of Johnny's life.

Title: In Cold Blood
Author: Nina Antonia
Publisher: Jungle Books
Pages: 128 Year:1987

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