Images Of Punk
Musical Anarchy That Inspired A Generation

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This book of photographs documents the punk scene that was occurring in England during the late 1970s. The black and white images show most of the English bands that were part of this movement. A couple of U.S. bands such as the Ramones, Patti Smith and The Heartbreakers also appear but the focus is on the U.K. scene. Many of the shots are of the bands on stage but there are also behind the scenes and out on the street pictures too. As well as the musicians there are several shots of punk fans to give the book a more well rounded view.

Each shot is accompanied by a short description and comment written by the O'Regan. Introducing the book is a short introduction by Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers. Overall the photographs are good but the printing is quite grey and low contrast which takes away from the impact of the images.

There are several shots of Johnny & The Heartbreakers including this one.

Title: Images Of Punk
Author: Denis O'Regan
Publisher: Castle Communications
Pages: about 188 Year:1996

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