Please Kill Me (The Uncensored Oral History Of Punk)

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The entire book is composed of interviews with the major players in the New York punk scene. They tell stories that are funny and sometimes contradictory about how punk, New York style, came to be. Of course Johnny and The Heartbreakers are in here and they even appear on the cover (in the original lineup with Richard Hell on bass). There are also several good photos within the book of the Dolls and Thunders and interviews with most of the band.
For accurate history this book has some faults but for raunchy dirt it can't be beat. The interview style makes it easy to read and hard to put down once you start. Get it.

Title: Please Kill Me (The Uncensored Oral History Of Punk)
Author: Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain
Publisher: Grove Press
Pages: 423 Year:1996

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