Vacant, A Diary Of The Punk Years

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Nils Stevenson was the tour manager for The Sex Pistols and went on the manage Siouxsie and The Banshees. He was around when the English punk scene was happening and was involved with a bunch of the players. This book contains excerpts from his diary of the times as well as some new commentary. Most of the book though is taken up with images of the major players in the punk movement that were taken by Ray Stevenson. There are some great photographs including 5 or 6 of The Heartbreakers.

The large format (8.5 X 11) gives lots of room to show off the photographs. Most of them are in black and white with only a few in color. Ray Stevenson was right there when things were happening so you really get a sense of the scene. Nils' diary entries are fun to read and you get quickly drawn in. Very recommended.

Title: Vacant, A Diary Of The Punk Years
Author: Nils Stevenson, Ray Stevenson
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Pages: 128 Year:2000

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