link to photo of Johnnys guitar

Jared has a site with the Dolls 'Seven Day Weekend' and some Ramones tunes on line. He has the entire song and not just a snippet so it's worth the visit.

The Intelligent Tunes Music Network has some Heartbreakers & Thunders CDs for sale and they have short samples from some of the albums.

Anyone that's ever seen Johnny on stage knows that he was an entertainer with a mouth that wouldn't quit. It seems that half his time on stage was spent talking at the audience and woe be the heckler that interrupted him.
Through the smoking haze we can still hear him say:

Before you all leave, you're all going to say a "Hail Mary" with me.
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I'm very predictable ain't I. Just like a hard-on.
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If you're bored, go home.
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Anybody got a joint?
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Audience member: Cut the shit and sing
Johnny: Hey baby - Fuck you!
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I'm God - spelled backwards
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Here's a sound sample from Morrissey talking about the Dolls:

Interviewer: And what was it that drew you to the New York Dolls?
Morrissey: Well they were very violent, they were very witty and they were very intelligent. But as you know; Most of the [other] pop stars are not very intelligent, and they're not very witty and they are not very violent.
Interviewer: Right!
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