Johnny Thunders Crossword Puzzle

Don Hedeker made up this crossword puzzle that tests your Johnny Thunders trivia knowledge. Try it out and if you get stuck the answers can be found at the bottom of the page.

Note: You might want to print this out before trying to finish it. Use your browsers 'Print' command or save the image to a graphics program and print it from there.

blank crossword puzzle

1. City where JT died
2. I'm not dead ___ (JT claim in 1990)
3. Dolls bassist: Arthur ______ ____
4. Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no ___s
5. Sad Vacation was a tribute to?
7. Original Heartbreakers bassist
8. Who are ___ _______ _____?
10. Word from 4 down
12. Dolls wore this at the end of their career - ___ patent leather
15. Last song on LAMF: ___ Go
17. The Waldos recorded the Jerry Nolan song: _____ Down Love
18. First and last name of Dolls other guitarist
20. Dolls covered this Cadets tune: ______ed In The Jungle
22. JTs ballad on Que Sera, Sera: I Only Wrote This ____ For You
24. Apt name of record company that released LAMF (also: One _____ Mind)
28. Dolls 2nd LP: Too Much, Too ____
30. Heartbreakers lament: It's ___ Enough
32. JT recorded this unreleased Dolls song on So Alone (depressed part of city)
34. Personality Crisis is the first song __ ____ 1 of Dolls debut LP
35. Not a good femme
37. Dolls nickname: ___stick Killers
38. Homonym for condition Johnny was often in
40. Another word for 38 down
41. JT wrote this song, pre-Dolls split: _____love
42. Thin Lizzy bassist on So Alone
44. _____breakers (this one's soooo easy)
48. Heartbreakers visionary tune: Can't Keep My ____s On You
50. First name of puzzle author: _o_
51. JTs real initials
1. Band that JT is best remembered for (duh)
6. A JT fave, Shangri-las tune: _____ Big Kiss
9. On Leave Me Alone, JTs offer: 'If you help me darling, I'm gonna let you __'
11. Heartbreakers other guitarist
13. Contours song JT sang: __ You Love Me?
14. Reason JT was 'king of the gypsies'? 'Cause I don't ____ about you.'
16. Heartbreakers drug of choice: Chinese ____
19. Unreleased Dolls song recorded by JT on Que Sera, Sera (Infinite bash!)
21. Object of Dolls search
23. JTs last recording was with this German band: ___ _oten Hosen (the dead pants)
24. Dolls plea: Don't pick it up - _____
25. You ride this in NYC: Subway _____
26. Initials of Heartbreakers bassist
27. Initials of 18 down
29. Country where Doll Billy Murcia died
31. JT did this on guitar: b___notes
33. JT didn't live ____
35. Dolls ballad: Lonely Planet ___
36. Sonny Boy cover: Don't Start Me ____'in
39. Not smarter than JT: Just __other girl
41. Bo Diddley song covered by the Dolls
43. The place where 'everything is in' (according to 16 across)
45. Jerry was this just before he died in winter of 92
46. Initials of producer for Dolls debut LP
47. JoHansen/Thunders song on Dolls 2nd (what you might be thinking at 2a.m.)
49. JT was this in a crowd
50. Initials of Dolls singer
52. JTs answer to Sex Pistols song 'New York': ______ Boys
53. JT often performed this Sinatra hit: _____ Boots Are Made For Walking
54. JTs claim in Born Too Loose: Only one _____ that I want

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