I Only Wrote This Song For You

G                          C
I only wrote this song for you

G                    C

Its about the way that i feel

G strum 

G                   C

Oh you you made my life

G                        C

Oh you you made everything alrite

G                      C

You took away my tears

G                   C

You gave me new ideas 

        D                Dsus4  D 

And now your gone    

                       G strum

Dont go away

(repeat verse chords)

Oh i i was so fine

Remember when we drank wine

I'm sorry we never had a home 

But baby i feel so alone 

Dont go

Dont go away

G strum

Bm                          D

Now there is so much pain

Bm               D

With out you

Bm                          D

Now life doesnt seem 

Bm                   D

The way it used to

Bm            D

Im so sorry 

Bm                          D

Let me make it up to you


Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry

(repeat G and C transitions)

(then repeat verse chords)

I wanna spend my life with you

I dont want nobody else but you

Cant you see baby i love you

Dont go

Dont go away

Transcribed by Brian Lasinski

Last modified: Feb. 17, 2001
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