One Track Mind

intro, verse, solo (1st guitar): C, A, F (high), G (high)
intro, verse (2nd guitar):


(Note: you can also play this on the A string by stretching your pinkie out over 4 frets)

chorus (1st guitar): C, F, G
chorus (2nd guitar):

(Note: that stupid slash mark is supposed to mean 'slide.' Anyway, Repeat this part twice, then just play a regular power chord on G, same as the other guitar)

Solos: Both are pretty similar--it's the same 'bend the 3rd string to match the 2nd' move that you hear in practically every solo. The 2nd solo (Walter's--there's more notes) is a bit harder, but keep listening and you'll figure something out. Somebody e-mail me if I'm wrong about this stuff.

Transcribed by David G.

Last modified: Dec. 31, 2000
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