Sad Vacation

C            G          F      C
I'm sorry I didnt have more to say
C     G          F            C
Maybe I I coulda changed your fate
C        G  F       C
You were so misunderstood
C               G            F      C
You coulda been anything you wanted to

       C      G
It's a Sad Vacation
F          C
what can I say
       C      G
It's a Sad Vacation
       F           C
Oh you knew how to play


(same chords as verse 1 and chorus)
Flowers of Romance
hey wasn't that you
Belsen was a gas
Oh just like you

Oh you were so real
That's why they offed you
Singin from your grave
It's so very hard to do

Because It's a Sad Vacation
What can I say?
It's a sad vacation
Oh you knew how to play

Well I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm so sorry

Well It's a Sad Vacation
what can I say

end on C

Transcribed by Tomas B.

Last modified: Jan. 28, 2001
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