Too Much Junkie Business

(intro riff)
D-----------4-7-------------------------4-7    E (bass:E D C# B into V1)

         A                        D
Well you go down to the corner to see if you can cop
    A                                E
You buy some for your sister but you take yours off the top
A                       D
Running to the bathroom fixin up the shot
E         E           E          E
Tie it up shoot it up bang it up blow it up

(chorus riff) or play chords. Johnny switched it up every time it seems.
G------------------------------|------------------------------ repeat 1st
D-------------------4-4-7-7-4-4|------------------------------ bit, then
A----4-4-7-7-4-4-5-5-----------|----4-4-7-7-4-4--------------- E chord.

A        D
Too much junkie business
A        E
Too much junkie business
A        D
Too much junkie business
I dont wanna fuck around with you

Your life becomes as sickening as that mess you call your face
That pig you call your girlfriend she's been in there for days
Climbing up the walls shot some on my balls
Wrap it up call it art
Now your record's in the charts

Too much junk 5x
In your face I dont wanna see it I don't agree

Your the coolest thing in town with your face flat on the ground
Hands empty your pockets as the coffin went down
Overdose at last smack stuck in your head
Now you're dead- I love ya

chorus 2x

Too much junk in your head

Transcribed by Tomas B.

Last modified: Jan. 28, 2001
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