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Tangent Speakers TM-3

Shown below are a nice pair of 1978 Tangent TM3s in teak, serial numbers 058343a and 058343b. They weigh 8kg each and are 37cm H x 25cm W x 28.5cm D. Tangent AB crossovers at 3kHz consisting of 12 elements - 3 inductors, 2 resistors and 50uF, 5(?)uF, 1uF & 4*2,2uF. The drivers are:

The TM3's because of their small baffle area when mounted on ~20" (Naim SBL) stands sound very neutral albeit a little bass shy, with good imagery, on most programme sources they're better than either Chartwell or 11 Ohm KEF LS3/5a's, but not quite up to the standard of Spica TC-50's, (with Spica stands) or the more recent ($600?) little Totems. Sound's as if I've shot a few holy cows there, but these are, like the JR149 and a few others exceptions to the mid 70's and early 80's herd, they will "stand up" to modern designs with "better" drive units and crossover components.

Tangent TM-3 speaker front Tangent TM-3 speaker side

Thanks Colin for sending the pics and information about these speakers. see oh lll eye en at hifiloudspeakers dot info