Don Kirshners Rock Concert

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Watching Don Kirshner introduce the New York Dolls always brings a smile to my face. He really didn't know what to make of the outrageous glam band. But this is a great show that should not be missed. Professionally shot and edited for TV, the sound and image quality is excellent. My only complaint is that the show focused too much on Johansen and Sylvain and not enough on Thunders.

In this 1974 show, the Dolls do 6 songs including the Thunders crowd pleaser, Chattebox. It's been extensively bootlegged and can usually be found titled Live In A Dolls House. A bootleg recording, audio only, of the show has also appeared. Titled The Dolls House, it's on pink vinyl and 10 inches wide.

Title: Don Kirshners Rock Concert - New York Dolls
Format: video tape
Time: 30 minutes Year: 1974
Country: various
Distributer: bootleg
Rating: 4 points Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

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