Live At The Gibus Club

This show has just Johnny on acoustic guitar and buddy Jamey Heath on sax. For a couple of tunes there is ? on harmonica and blond chic ?? helping out with backing vocals. It's not a real downer show like the Hurt Me record and in fact Johnnie really power rocks the acoustic. But if you are looking for any rock and roll Heartbreakers or Dolls material this is not the one for you.

Just one stationary camera was used but with plenty of plenty of zooms and pans. The viewpoint is from the front row of a very small club. For some unexplained reason there is not any real interaction with the audience. We all know what a talker Johnny was, but this tape has most of it cut out.

Sound quality on my evaluation copy is pretty choppy like it is cutting in and out. Image quality is good and close-ups are quite clear.

Here is a link to another site which sells the tape and has screen shots. (I have not seen the tape that is being sold there and I have nothing to do with selling the tape.)

Title: Live At The Gibus Club
Format: VHS, NTSC
Time: 30 minutes Year: 1990
Country: U.S.
Distributer: Boot
Rating: 3 points

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