Looking For A Kiss

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This early black & white video by Bob Gruen documents the Dolls short tour of Los Angeles in 1973. During the tour they played 'The Whisky A Go Go' and recorded 2 songs, 'Trash' and 'Personality Crisis', for the TV program 'Midnight Special'. Gruen's camera documents both shows as well as behind-the-scenes activities. There are short interviews with the entire band and just David Johansen on his own.

At the 'Whisky' gig the band performs most of the standard Dolls repertoire including 'Personality Crisis', 'Human Being', 'Jet Boy', 'Back In The USA', 'Bad Girl' and 'Looking For A Kiss'. There are only snippets from each song shown and we never get to hear an entire tune. Audience members, all female, get some screen time and it's cool to see the disco fashions that were prevalent at the time.

For a short, low budget, one camera, video this is a very good and fun document. It's too bad that it's never been officially released and received some recognition. I would also like to see it longer and more time spent on the live show.

Note: There is a very bad copy of this video being sold under the name 'Forbidden Dolls'. The image quality is very bad and it is totally unwatchable.

Title: Looking For A Kiss
Format: black & white video tape
Time: 30 minutes Year: 1974
Country: U.S.
Distributer: bootleg
Rating: 4 points Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5

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