Mona Et Moi

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This French film by Patrick Grandperret features Johnny Thunders playing a fictional musician named Johnny Valentine. There is a small amount of English dialog and the French dialog is subtitled in English. The depressing story centers around Pierre and his girlfriend Mona. Pierre is a nice, but dumb, guy who fails at everything he does and eventually loses Mona. You can't really blame her for leaving Pierre because he's such a loser that nobody would want to stick with him.

Johnny appears as a major character in the film and much of the story revolves around a concert that he headlines. There are several shots of him that have nothing to do with the narrative but exist simply to give him more screen time. In the end, he steals Mona away from Pierre and they seem happy together. His character is described as "A beautiful loser, a junkie, busted but unbowed" which, of course, describes his real life. He has many lines and performs several partial songs. The soundtrack features more Thunders tunes including 'Two Time Loser', 'In Gods Name', Born To Lose', 'So Alone', 'Hurt Me', and 'I Was Born To Cry'. There are also several small appearances from Jerry Nolan, Billy Rath and Henri Paul.

The Internet Movie Database has more info on this film.

Title: Mona Et Moi
Format: film
Time: 90 minutes Year: 1990
Country: France
Distributer: unknown
Rating: 4 points Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Image 5

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