Panic On Sunset Strip

link to a frame from video - Panic On Sunset Strip

Somebody snuck into a crowded club late at night with a video camera and recorded a good Thunders show. The sound quality is OK and the image is good for only one camera but it's still bootleg quality. Many of you that have been to see Johnny will find this show familiar. He does most of the standards including 3 of my favorites; Dead Or Alive, Ain't Superstitious and Born To Lose. So have a couple of drinks, wait until about 3a.m. then turn the sound up really loud before putting the tape on.

Playing with Johnny are Jerry Nolan on drums, Killer Kane on bass, Barry Jones on guitar and 'Babsie Doll' backing vocals. It's sloppy good fun.

Title: Panic On Sunset Strip
Format: VHS, NTSC
Time: 30 minutes Year: 1988
Country: U.S.
Distributer: Bootleg
Rating: 3 1/2 points Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

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