What About Me

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Filmed in black & white, this gritty film was written, produced and stars Rachel Amodeo. Most of the music is provided by Johnny and is well suited to the film. Songs include 'Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory', 'So Alone', 'Some Hearts' and 'Joey Joey' . JT also appears in a short role as the supportive brother of the heroine. Other notables in the cast include Richard Hell (as a good guy!), Nick Zed, Jerry Nolan (in a tragic/comic role) and Dee Dee Ramone.

In this depressing tale, Rachel Amodeo's character suffers from a shit load of bad circumstance that eventually does her in. Along the way there are a number of despicable characters that take advantage of her without remorse. This all takes place out in the street or in run down buildings that look like they should be firebombed. Not a happy tale but a good story about how the dirty hard world can rip a tender soul to pieces. A perfect fit for Johnnys music.

Title: What About Me
Format: VHS video stereo
Time: 87 minutes Year: 1993
Country: U.S.
Distributer: Provisional P.9
Rating: 4 points Johnny 1 | Johnny 2 | Jerry 1 | Jerry 2

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