New York Dolls
A Hard Night's Day

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These demos have been released many times before but this is the best package yet. It contains the usual 18 tracks plus an extra 3 tracks that were previously available only on Evil Dolls and New York Tapes. Hootchie Cootchie Man is the one track missing from this disc (copyright reasons perhaps??) but you can live without it. The sound is better than the previous releases with sharper mids and highs and much less muddy bass.

Liner notes are by Marty Thau, the Dolls original manager. He tells the story of how the Dolls were discovered and what a kick ass band they were. There are a couple of new photographs including a great cover shot of Johnny.

You probably already have these demos on one of the many bootleg discs but it's worth picking up this CD to get the complete set. If you don't have these demos then definitely buy this CD and crank it up to full blast.

Track Listing

  1. Seven Day Weekend
  2. Frankenstein
  3. Who Are The Mystery Girls
  4. (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown
  5. Back In The USA
  6. Looking For A Kiss
  7. Jet Boy
  8. It's Too Late
  9. Bad Detective
  10. Lonely Planet Boy
  11. Subway Train
  12. Private World
  13. Trash
  14. Human Being
  15. Don't Start Me Talking
  16. Great Big Kiss
  17. Vietnamese Baby
  18. Babylon
  19. Bad Girl
  20. Pills
  21. Personality Crisis


New York Dolls - A Hard Night's Day
Format Country Year Label Comments
CD U.S. 2000 Norton CED 279  

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