New York Dolls
Paris Show

At the end of December 1973 the Dolls recorded a live show in Paris France for a future radio broadcast. Sound quality of the recording is good and the band puts on an energetic show. Most of the songs were released on CD but there are a couple of tunes that only surfaced on vinyl. If you're looking for a live recording, I would pick this Paris show over the Red Patent Leather show.

The tracks found on CD are:

  1. Personality Crisis
  2. Bad Girl
  3. Looking For A Kiss
  4. Great Big Kiss
  5. Stranded In The Jungle
  6. Pills
  7. Vietnamese Baby
  8. Trash
  9. Chatterbox
  10. Puss 'N' Boots
  11. Hoochie Coochie Man
  12. Jet Boy

An LP called 'Trash - Don't Take My Life Away' also has:

  1. Who Are The Mystery Girls
  2. Human Being
  3. Babylon
  4. Lone Star Queen
  5. Don't Start Me Talkin'


This live show has been released on:

New York Dolls Live In Paris 12/23/73
Year: 1984
Country: France
Distributer: Thunders Records 6381007
Notes: LP - boot.

New York Dolls Paris Is Burning
Year: 1993
Country: Japan
Distributer: Skydog Meldac - MERC 25023
Notes: CD

New York Dolls Paris Le Trash
Year: 1993
Country: U.S.
Distributer: Triple X Records - 51116-2
Notes: CD

New York Dolls Teenage News
Year: 1998
Country: Spain
Distributer: Munster Records MR135
Notes: LP

New York Dolls Live In Concert Paris 1974
Year: 1998 / 1999
Country: U.S. / U.K.
Distributer: Red Star RS-7006 / Castle ESMCD 734
Notes: CD

New York Dolls Trash (Don't Take My Life Away)
Year: 1974
Country: France
Distributer: Desdemona
Notes: LP - boot.

New York Dolls Vive le France
Year: 1987
Country: Italy - 92-dll-sc-4007
Distributer: boot
Notes: CD

New York Dolls Europe 1973
Year: 1992
Country: Italy
Distributer: Welfare Pig TWP-CD-208
Notes: CD

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