Good Bad, Not Evil

About 1 o'clock in the morning you might catch a glimpse of Johnny swaggering through the lounge. He is a sharp dresser and he loved to pose. If you left early and missed him, I have a couple of my pics from years back that you can peek at.

Assorted others:

Publicity photos from Jungle Records

Johnny and the Dolls on magazine covers.

These photos are taken from various print:

And these are video captures taken from various videos:

Listed below are 7 pics from Giacomino Parkinson. If you would like copies of picture #4 (Born To Lose) contact him via email and he will sell you one. Be sure to check out Giacos home page.

Check out Steve's site for a couple more JT pics and a small animated pic of Johnny.

  1. Dingwalls show in 1986
  2. Another shot from the Dingwalls show
  3. Marquee Club, August 1988
  4. Born To Lose Live In London 1988
  5. So Alone
  6. Johnny Guitar
  7. Sink One For Johnny

Art Wendler has an Iggy site that includes a couple of pics with Iggy and Johnny.

  1. Iggy, Johnny & Sable Starr at CBGBs
  2. Iggy, Johnny & Wayne Kramer on stage

Here's a nice pic of Johnny at the mic.

Elda Stilleto has a nice small site with a pic of JT.

Here's a poster of the New York Dolls (actually just Sylvain & David) advertising Ibanez guitars. The picture must have been taken on the Japanese tour after Johnny & Jerry had left the band.

And this is a poster from Hell advertising a double smack of Heartbreakers and Ramones. On new years eve with Jayne County as DJ, all for only $7.50!

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