Here in the Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge, we like to sometimes turn up the lights, turn down the music and crack open a book. Listed below are some of the best books you could ever want for your Thunders book nook.




Cliff has written a long article about his adventures as a waiter at Max's Kansas City during the late 1970s. He talks about Johnny and other Dolls/Heartbreakers members as well as other music notables. The article is broken down into the following episodes:

  1. Episode 1 - Getting The Job
  2. Episode 2 - Johnny Thunders
  3. Episode 3 - After Hours
  4. Episode 4 - The Apartment at 14th & 7th
  5. Episode 5 - Upstairs At Max's

Cliff now has a web site that contains these articles as well as others.


Arma de Fuego puts out a great Johnny Thunders discography in booklet form and it's the best and most complete list available. The current edition (issue 32) has a limited run of 100 copies and has several pages of pictures. You can get a copy by sending $5.00 U.S. cash (includes shipping) to:

Box 260
33101 Tampere

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